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The DoD CUI Explainer Series: Demystifying the CMMC Rule – A Breakdown of the Proposed Regulation

Recorded Tuesday, January 23, 2024

If you are a DIB contractor or subcontractor, an IT or MSP service provider, a program manager, or a contracting officer, then this plain-language webinar is for you.

We cover:

  • Requirements for each CMMC level
  • The CMMC rollout
  • How public comments have shaped this Proposed Rule
  • New impacts for non-compliance
  • How cloud service provider’s security posture will impact assessments
  • How cybersecurity provider’s security posture will impact assessments
  • The cost variables of CMMC

The DoD CUI Explainer Series

DTS is proud to present the DoD CUI Explainer Series, webinars that cover cybersecurity requirements in plain language cybersecurity for government contractors and companies…


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