Cybersecurity costs are allowable: Practical advice from an accounting pro

Cybersecurity costs are allowable: Practical advice from an accounting pro

Recorded June 8, 2023

You’re taking the necessary steps to achieve cybersecurity compliance and banking on the benefits to help you win future work. Which of these costs are allowable, and how will your organization account for and allocate them to your contracts?

Derek Kernus, Director of Cybersecurity Operations at DTS, will help you answer that. In an in-depth conversation with Mike Tomaselli, a cybersecurity pro and accountant with Chess Consulting LLC, we’ll cover:

  • Today’s landscape for cost accounting regulation
  • Determining which expenses are allowable
  • Finding guidance in your contract
  • Selecting the right method for allocating costs
  • Controlling two important cost variables: scope and vendor selection
  • A preview of how cybersecurity will impact all business in the coming years
  • Audience Q&A

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