Cyber Track: Basic Course

Handle your Level 1 cybersecurity requirements yourself! With DTS’s guided online course, you can write your System Security Plan for OASIS+.

Fulfill the pre-award C-SCRM requirements for OASIS+ and write your evidence-based plan yourself! Others charge thousands for templates without any explanation or assistance. Our online course explains the 15 FAR security requirements and 17 minimum security controls required for CMMC Level 1, examples on how each one could be met, and how to document your compliance.

Cyber Track: Basic Course


  • Single sign-on access to the Cyber Track: Basic course explaining key concepts and providing step-by-step instructions for writing your plan

What's Included?

Our 3-part online course will guide you through documenting each section of a CMMC Level 1 System Security Plan for your organization, including the minimum requirements from FAR 52.204-21―Basic Safeguarding of Covered Contractor Information Systems.

Learn cybersecurity basics and produce your plan at the same time. Each lesson is followed by “homework” that advances your plan. Complete everything in as little as two weekends (approximately 20 hours of work).

  • Developed by experts in advanced cybersecurity and online training
  • Plain language explanations
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Work independently or as a team

Cybersecurity is personal. Choose the Track 1 option that works best for your knowledge base and security sophistication.

Hands-on help, next steps, and remediation services

Choose DTS for additional cybersecurity services. Our cybersecurity experts work directly with you, utilizing an educational approach so you can make informed decisions and grow your knowledge base.

  • Security Reviews and Assessments
  • Compliance
  • Remediation
  • CUI Solutions
  • CMMC Solutions
  • Documentation
  • Migration Services
  • Managed Services
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Fractional CIO and CISO
  • Licenses and Partnerships

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