We Wrote the Book on Cybersecurity Strategy

Get your play-by-play guide and get into the game.

Ready or not, the game has begun. SMB have been asked to sprint towards a more robust security stance—without quite knowing where they should end up or what winning looks like.

One thing is clear: cybersecurity needs to be part of business operations for companies of all sizes and scopes. The risks are simply too high to ignore.

Getting ready will require a plan, a budget, and the support of your entire “team.” To help, DTS has created a playbook to help you gather some near-term strategies and take action.

Here’s what we cover:

  • The top cybersecurity worries keeping your up at night – and what you can do to solve them
  • Important vocabulary for cybersecurity with plain-language explanations
  • Where you can find FREE guidance
  • What you need to know about Zero Trust and how to translate plans into action
  • Hard-won truths about driving a security mindset within your organization
  • Options for implementing cybersecurity: what you can DIY and what will require a pro
  • New resources to help you take the lea

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For flagship programs that are too important to fail, a small investment in policies, controls, and oversight can result in significant cost-savings and efficiencies.

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