With efficiency and effectiveness as the end-goal, DTS examines operations through several lenses. We start with a study of existing policies, procedures, and stakeholder connections. We assess each process individually and as a cohesive whole. Our teams excel at mapping business processes, identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, and designing and implementing appropriate technology solutions. DTS’ consultants bring subject matter expertise to our efficiency studies, reflecting a variety of areas and perspectives. We combine industry methodologies, including PMI, Lean Six Sigma, and CMMI, with proven practices, iterating until they are a perfect fit. We train and work with all stakeholders for full adoption. Our multi-perspective approach offers multiple benefits:
  • ROI
  • Trusted methodologies, proven results
  • Effective use of technology
  • Better long-term execution through superior training and implementation

Acquisitions Management

The federal government acquisitions process, from start to finish, is extremely complicated. Any business process effort requires knowledge of Federal Acquisitions Regulations (FAR) as well as the inner workings of an organization. DTS staff have extensive experience assisting, reengineering, and training related to federal government acquisitions. We’re the right partner to help your organization understand, navigate, and comply with FAR responsibilities and mandates.

Governance Setup Large organizations work on many individual projects simultaneously. Without standardized processes and procedures and clear metrics, leadership can’t oversee all of these projects, account for risks and plan for resource needs. DTS helps define the appropriate level of governance, structure, policies and procedures that comply with specific needs and legally mandated requirements. Our consultants work with all staff to implement the design, including training employees to institutionalize the processes.
Program Planning and Oversight Some programs are too large or too visible to fail or underperform. For those, it’s important to have the support of a trusted team. DTS ensures proper scheduling, budgeting, resources, and oversight with careful consideration of stakeholders and transparency.
Financial Management Inefficiencies in funding, budgeting, payment, and other financial processes carry severe consequences for organizations, from costly delays to loss of funding and legal issues. DTS has deep experience technology- and process-based financial management solutions, offering peace of mind, time, and budget to focus on mission-central objectives.


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Operations is a balancing act of doing the right things and doing things right. That doesn’t happen by chance.

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