Our People

Our diverse workforce celebrates multiple perspectives and drives collaborative thinking and decision-making. It is the foundation of innovative approaches to our customers’ missions and challenges. We are selective about growing our team. We emphasize a candidates’s subject matter expertise, as well as their work habits and style. As a result, our teams are strong. And our relationships – to each other and to our clients – are collaborative, helpful and personally supportive.

DTS careers are marked by opportunity and impact.

Our Mindset

We advise our customers that continuous learning is vital to performance and increases employee satisfaction. And we practice what we preach. We personalize training and enrichment opportunities for each individual. From fully funding certification courses, continuing education and advanced diploma coursework, to professional association participation and conference attendance, development is based on individual goals and interests. We also provide employees with opportunities to share their expertise or perspectives to help colleagues and clients build their knowledge base.

Our Work

DTS work includes programs of national importance. Solving customer challenges and offering expertise that makes a difference to these missions is rewarding. Additionally, internal recognition and celebrations for work well done contributes to our culture of appreciation, value, and support.

By design, DTS maintains a concentrated focus on the business areas in which our principals and staff have significant practical and academic expertise. This focus allows our teams to work on projects that are naturally interesting to them, with like-minded colleagues.

Our Benefits

We recognize that our team members are the foundation of our success. Therefore, it’s important to ensure stability within DTS, despite operating in a constantly changing environment. For example, during government shutdowns, stay-at-home pandemic orders, and other periods of time when employees might not be completely billable or the firm may not be contracted for customer work, we have continued to offer our employees the security and stability of their salary and benefits.

The DTS benefit package includes:

  • Full medical benefits
  • Competitive salaries
  • Performance and customer satisfaction bonuses/profit sharing
  • 401K savings
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Generous PTO and volunteer time off
  • Flexible schedules
  • Training and learning opportunities
  • Telecommuting/Work from Home (as contracts allow)
  • Public transportation reimbursement

Open Positions

DTS continually seeks qualified individuals who are well matched with our work, corporate philosophies, and culture. We post our open positions on LinkedIn.