Human Capital

Managing personnel and human resources is so valuable to an organization’s performance and growth that it can’t risk being an afterthought or a ‘good enough’ effort. From identifying staffing and training needs, to recruiting and onboarding, to tracking and developing employees once they are hired, many organizations rely on outdated technology and processes. Worse, they may turn human capital management over to hiring firm or a siloed department, with little understanding of the objectives and opportunities at play.

DTS considers and recommends innovative solutions that match both the needs and culture of an organization. We properly identify the skills, competencies, abilities, and knowledge required for success, and follow a personalized approach to training and development, satisfying both employer and employee.

Often overlooked in human capital management, technology plays an increasingly large role in organizations. Because it’s always changing, it takes time, effort, and purposeful training to stay on top of those changes. Organizations need to understand the training needs of its IT staff in particular and provide the time to develop skills as well as quality instructional resources that reach far beyond what is “needed” because of technology’s role in driving change, efficiency, and evolution.

Knowledge Management enables organizational learning. Imagine harnessing the power of all of the expertise contained in your departments and teams, all of your individual employees’ skills, and all of the lessons learned from decades of on-the-job experience. We can help make it happen. Learn more about our cross-discipline capabilities within Knowledge Management.


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75 percent of executives believe a lack of skills is an issue within their organization and 64 percent believe it impacts their ability to innovate. Plan for the people you need.

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