About Us

DTS began with just one employee and the vision to create a culture that facilitates the advancement of employees, customers, and the industry. Our early days became a foundation for success with a proven track record of helping government and commercial clients respond to daunting challenges. By design, we maintain a concentrated focus on the business areas in which our principals and staff have significant practical and academic expertise, and we actively seek opportunities to expand those areas of expertise.

We lead through innovation, going far beyond simply meeting the requirement or “getting the job done.” We continually find better, more efficient, and more effective ways to achieve success for our customers’ missions while maximizing our value to them. We pride ourselves in employing exceptionally talented individuals with a passion for excellence.

Our guiding philosophy is customer first, people always. DTS was founded on strong values that guide our work and our company growth, an important part of “Changing business. Delivering results.”

DTS is committed to:

  • GrowthBy design, DTS is small, smart, and transformational – a team that delivers what we promise. We actively maintain a strategic plan for the firm, with goals and objectives aligned to methodical and sustainable growth year over year. We continue to expand our service offerings to help our clients achieve similar results.
  • Purpose
    We make an impact in our communities through the work we do for our clients, meeting their missions with creativity and expertise. Our actions and intensions reflect our focus on excellence and personal growth. We are technology innovators, ushering in a new era of modern business and government.
  • Diversity and inclusion
    Our diverse workforce celebrates multiple perspectives, drives collaborative thinking and decision-making, and is the foundation of innovative approaches to our customers’ missions and challenges. By fostering an environment of inclusion and belonging, we help people realize their full potential.
  • Investing in education
    We advise our clients that continuous learning is vital to performance and increases employee satisfaction, and we actively model that. We provide personalized training and enrichment opportunities, from certification courses and professional association involvement to advanced diploma coursework, and work to enrich educational opportunities and knowledge sharing in our community.

Why choose DTS?

  • Deep expertise
  • Innovation through technology
  • Big firm resources, small firm focus
  • Agility