Small Businesses and Contractors

As a boutique consulting firm, DTS combines the benefits and SME of a large firm with personal attention and service. Our strategic approach can help companies answer specific questions about their growth or readiness for new work, develop strong services and operational excellence, use data in new ways, develop human capital, attract investors, and position for growth.

For those companies considering federal contracting or already subcontracting, DTS is a valuable guide, coaching and mentoring leaders, providing on-demand services, and helping to cultivate relationships in the industry. Our assessments can provide perspective and direction, while our strategic planning, project management, and training programs can accelerate progress.


Replace what’s missing from remote work to drive innovation and collaboration. What do you miss most about being in the office? For me, it’s not…


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Project management is a force multiplier that provides the reach back to experience and specialized knowledge that many small businesses need to make big leaps forward.

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