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In an era marked by tightening cost and performance controls, program management and governance are more important than ever. For flagship programs that are too large or important to fail, a small investment in policies, controls, and oversight can result in significant cost-savings and efficiencies—and more effective results.

DTS principals have 20-plus years of program management experience, managing programs with dozens of stakeholders and budgets in excess of $50 million. We see program management not only as a business discipline, but also as an academic pursuit.

DTS teams feature experienced, PMP-certified project and program managers and skilled PMO support staff on demand, to help clients ramp up quickly and work past obstacles without breaking stride. Our management team trains each employee on PMO procedures, so everyone is working with the same foundation. Our methodologies include PMI (PMP Certified PMs), CMMI, and Lean Six Sigma (LSS Black Belts).

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Box: DTS applies a multidimensional approach to management initiatives to:

  • Meet congressional, regulatory, and executive governance and transparency requirements
  • Improves program performance
  • Reduce risk
  • Understand and predict program expenditures, schedule, and performance
  • Allow for process repetition and training

Program Management as a Service (PMaaS)

PMaaS has been used in the public sector for more than a decade. It grew out of IT management and agile operations. Instead of managing a project to an end result, PMaaS manages to the objective. PMaaS with DTS adds a layer that improves effectiveness through enhanced accountability, greater communication and processes, and subject-matter expertise. It brings in an independent voice and perspective, as well as flexibility to utilize on-demand services as needed.

PMaaS is ideal for:

  • Projects that are mission-critical but not within your organization’s mission expertise
  • Large-scale projects with significant impact
  • Complex projects with many stakeholders
  • Budget-crunched projects that can’t afford mistakes
  • Time-crunched projects that can’t wait to work through contracted milestones

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