Prepping for CMMC Assessments: Critical takeaways from IVA’AL’s Voluntary Assessment experience

Critical takeaways from IVA’AL’s Voluntary Assessment experience

Recorded September 26, 2023

  • Can cybersecurity be a competitive differentiator?
  • What’s the ROI of being an early adopter?
  • How much prep does it take to ace an assessment?

With CMMC assessments on the near horizon, those in DoD contracting are asking important questions about the timing, process, and benefits of getting in line for an assessment (and certification) early. So, we went straight to the source for answers.

DTS’ client IVA’AL Solutions recently completed a Joint Surveillance Voluntary Assessment (JSVA), which is essentially a voluntary CMMC assessment, earning a perfect 110 out of 110 score. In a fireside chat with IVA’AL CIO, Charlie Ramsey, and our own Information System Security Manager Mike Lombardi, we’ll discuss the how’s and why’s of cybersecurity assessments.

What’s covered:

  • What is JSVA, and how does it compare to CMMC?
  • The business benefits of certification and the ROI of an early assessment
  • A timeline for assessment prep
  • The preparation process and the role of documentation
  • Hallmarks of a well-run assessment
  • IVA’AL takeaways: Best practices and lessons learned
  • Determining if compliance can be accomplished in-house or with external support
  • CMMC forecast: From rumors to actual news, what the DIB can expect
  • Audience 

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