DTS eBook: The Real Business on Cybersecurity

Every business is at risk. Cybersecurity protection is imperative.

Every business has a need to protect information, customers, and computer systems. But every business has approached cybersecurity differently―and those stalling or lagging behind remain at risk.

To guide business leaders in their efforts―no matter where they may be on the cybersecurity lifecycle―DTS experts have put together a guide about compliance and certifications. The contents are practical and actionable, with sage advice from government contractors and other small and mid-sized businesses.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make a business case for cybersecurity
  • How to choose the right framework for your security efforts
  • Which cybersecurity tasks can be handled on your own, and which need a pro
  • The roles required for effective cybersecurity
  • How to use the cybersecurity lifecycle to plan for the next quarter or next year
  • Lessons learned from DTS clients and other businesses
  • Tips for choosing the right cybersecurity partner

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For flagship programs that are too important to fail, a small investment in policies, controls, and oversight can result in significant cost-savings and efficiencies.

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