Blip Or Flip: The Pandemic’s Impact On Career Development

Disruption from the pandemic continues to influence the nature of work three years later. That’s not surprising; Covid-19 impacted every aspect of our lives. What is surprising is how significantly the pandemic experience impacted career development. As a business owner, understanding your employees’ pandemic experiences can help you provide prescriptive training and development support for near-term gains—and […]

Instead Of Canceling Remote Work, Evolve How You Manage Your Workforce

You might have read that remote work is dead. A report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a major drop in the number of companies allowing employees to telework. However, observational data suggests that remote work is alive and well, but it is being challenged by leaders whose on-the-job experience is based on […]

A Guide To Giving Your Team Better Coaching

Receiving a prestigious gift used to be the pinnacle of corporate success—everyone wanted that 25-year gold Rolex. But today’s workforce increasingly favors gaining experience and moving on. A career is put together like a quilt with many pieces. With this shift, I believe leaders should take their focus off mentoring and put it on a […]

DTS Celebrates Another Year of Growth, Receives Prestigious Industry Recognition

New hires, a joint venture, and continuing support on leading contracts  ARLINGTON, Va.— February 8, 2023—DTS, delivering cyber, consulting, and management services, defined 2022 with another year of strong company growth, increasing the company size and receiving prestigious industry recognition. In addition to renewing key government contracts and achieving remarkable success in its cybersecurity compliance […]

Time For a Change? Manage Your Business Transformation

Contractors should be experts in change and transformation. After all, you’ve adapted to some pretty big changes in just the past few years. Government shutdowns. Stay-at-home orders. Supply chain disruptions. Talent shortages. Even cyber scares. To survive, you created workarounds and kept moving. And yet, many contractors find themselves stuck in a loop, reacting to […]

4 Predictions On The Collapse Of Workplace Accountability

The pandemic robbed businesses of comfortable collaboration and is now ushering in sweeping changes that may define the future of work as we know it. Flexibility at work has become a hot-button issue. As we navigate the future of work, many questions remain about remote, hybrid and gig work—but almost universally, employees agree that the […]

Resignation Reinvention: How To Use Workforce Shifts To Drive Change

No one likes disruption, but everyone loves new opportunities. The “Great Resignation” is a massive, multi-industry disruptor. That doesn’t mean that your company should view it negatively. We can choose to see it as a sign that it’s time for change. Rather than focusing on what you might be losing (talent, experience, continuity), I challenge […]

The Best of DTS Issue 20: Catalyst! Accelerating Innovation

Team collaboration

Using innovation on the job takes many forms. You might be a problem solver, a designer, a planner, or use new technology in your work. With so many ways to tap into innovation on-the-job, it’s a topic that deserves its own issue. In this edition of the Best of DTS, we share how to encourage […]