The Best of DTS Issue 6: Data Driven

Every tweet, post and link is another piece of data. With researchers estimating a staggering 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated daily, we’re focusing our attention on a few of the more arresting data-driven issues facing organizations in this issue of the Best of DTS Newsletter. Our hope is not data overload, but a more thoughtful approach to using this asset for efficiency, better business and greater connection.

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Edward Tuorinsky
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Putting the Data Deluge to Work

data deluge

The modern data stream is sometimes compared with a fire hose; a high-powered, endless gushing amount. Successfully using data depends on our ability to synthesize that flow and use the outcomes to inform decision making.

Though many strategies and solutions exist to manage big data and harvest real-time intelligence from it, most IT infrastructures were not designed to handle the complexity and speed of the data, let alone advanced analytics. A report out last year by Government Exec highlighted the need for agencies to prioritize data by focusing on three areas. READ MORE OF OUR SUMMARY NOW.

  1. DISCOVERING the value of your data: Identifying what you have an aligning it to what you need to achieve your goals.
  2. BUILDING a data-centric foundation: Enhancing your current infrastructure, technology and talent with modern technology and the staff to leverage it. And of course, supporting a culture where informational insights are valued.
  3. TRANSLATING data into action: Identifying patterns and gaining insights from data is worthless if you don’t take the steps to change operation or respond to analytics – quickly. Often, it’s this step that is the most difficult for government organizations, even those committed to changing the customer experience.

Putting the data deluge to work for you has an operational side, captured in these three focus areas, as well as a broader change-management side, that encompasses engagement, adoption and alignment. A dual-focus approach, with a partner like DTS, helps you effectively channel the fire-hose flow of data, while embracing the full value of being a data-driven organization.

For more on this topic, read the full Gov Exec report: Empowering A Data-Driven Government, or reach out to DTS to talk about your situation specifically.

Are You Agile? Test yourself to find out

Everyone wants to be more agile but it’s one of those buzzwords that can mean so many things. How can you truly evaluate your organization’s agility? By answering some tough questions.

Give your organization a score of 1-10 for each question

1 = no   |   5 = often but not always   |   10 = yes

    Do teams in your organization communicate openly, face-to-face?
  • Do you share information with partners, customers and other stake-holders?
  • Does your organization adapt to changing circumstances and new demands quickly?
  • Does your organization acknowledge missteps and breakdowns?
  • Does your organization study other organizations and industries for ideas, best practices or innovations?
  • Does your budget allow for changing priorities and resources?
  • Does your organization embrace accountability?
  • Do your people seek information wherever they can find it?
  • Do your people plan for contingencies?
  • Can everyone in your organization explain their part in working toward organizational goals?
Add it up. A score of 100 is clearly agile but most organizations will show a mix of strengths and deficiencies. Organizations in the public-sector space, especially, may find themselves stuck, troubled by legacy processes and structures that hinder agility, like rigid team structures, or little collaboration. Evaluating your agility indicates a desire to embrace the key tenants of agility more deeply. Do your part to help your organization continue to make progress. Agility is efficiency.

Data Defines the Way We Work

data defines the way we work

Are you a data generator or a data-powered organization? 2018 is a pivotal year as more organizations stop talking about data and start using it for real. Look at the 6 data analytics trends making an impact now, from drying up data lakes to curating data.

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