The Best of DTS Issue 22: Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t something I look forward to. I prefer to usher in warmer weather with a baseball game or taking the top off the Jeep and hitting the road. As a business owner, however, I feel the need to revisit goals and refresh objectives several times a year – spring included.

I hope this issue helps you tackle some of the tasks on your work to-do list with new insights and ideas to handle them efficiently. We’ve provided a short checklist for cyber, an introduction to using workflow automation, and some helpful tips for checking in with employees in person or working remotely.

What other new initiatives are keeping you busy this spring? Let’s continue the conversation. Shoot me an email or a call.

Edward Tuorinsky
Managing Principal

Spring Cleaning: Team Meeting to Discuss Cybersecurity Strategies

Focus on Cyber

Many companies haven’t invested in an enterprise-level solution or even budgeted for ongoing cybersecurity work. But they need to.

DTS’s Director of Cybersecurity shared why small and medium sized businesses can’t afford to wait. To help you get started, there’s also a spring to-do list:

Talk real numbers. A realistic estimate is the first step toward developing a compliant security plan. Real numbers allow you to plan ahead and budget for security. Very often, we surprise small businesses when they learn that cybersecurity compliance doesn’t cost as much as they expected.

Understand your attack surface. Identifying all of your assets is the first step in securing them. Now is the time to conduct a thorough audit of your digital ecosystem to understand your attack surface and plan for ongoing monitoring.

Revisit your incident response plan…and practice it! In case of a security incident, every employee with network access should understand the plan. It may be helpful to have written procedures and a printed phone tree that clearly spells out whom to contact and under what circumstances.

Back up your data. Put together an ironclad schedule for backing up all data. And test the procedures for restoring information.

Read the full article to understand what you risk when you delay cybersecurity.

Create More Hours in the Day

Surveys show that small business owners work twice as much as regular employees. In fact, many of them put in 60 hours or more per week. Workflow automation can free up small business owners’ time and allow them to focus on their core business.

What tasks could you remove from your plate? Ones that involve collecting data or responding with information, including sales follow-ups, emails, and customer onboarding. Best of all, many workflow automation apps are easy to implement and affordable. Read more about it in this Forbes article.


Check-in With Your Employees

Employee Check In
For organizations that set annual employee goals, quarterly check-ins are useful for hearing about progress, problems, and plans. Perhaps even more important, these meetings – whether in person or still virtual – present an opportunity to make sure every employee has what they will need to achieve their goals and for managers to ask for feedback of their own: What do I do that is most helpful to you? How else can I help be successful? What connections do you need? And more. Read the full article for timely tips you can use this week.

Service Spotlight: Consultant Services for SMB

DTS combines the benefits and expertise of a large consulting firm with the personal attention and service of a boutique company – ideal for growing small- and medium-sized businesses.

Our strategic approach can be used to answer specific questions about a company’s growth, market positioning, workforce, and processes, or to attract partners and investors for federal contracting or subcontracting.  Schedule an assessment conversation with our sales team. Email or get started by completing our online form.

DTS News: Making Connections

DTS has a network of partners. We’ve built our Cybersecurity services with best-in-class solutions including those from Perimeter 81 and AvePoint. Follow each link to read more about the ways we work with these partners.

Upcoming Events:

We look forward to every opportunity to interact with our industry colleagues and customers in person. Schedule a time to meet with us! DTS representatives can be found this spring at:
  • ATD 22, May 15-18 in Orlando, FL
  • VETS 22, May 16-22 in Orlando, FL
  • PSC 2022 Federal Acquisition Conference, June 21, Arlington, VA

The Pulse of Cybersecurity

DTS continues to follow all cybersecurity regulations and CMMC updates very closely and commits to providing this information to our clients in plain language, with actionable takeaways.


Early bird incentives are coming! For those companies in the DoD supply chain, there’s no time like the present for CMMC. The DoD is expected to announce early-adoption incentives ahead of the final CMMC rulemaking, which DoD has stated is likely to be published for public comment in May 2023 and finalized in July 2023. The incents may include an extension of the 3-year certification period and bidding incentives. Since CMMC certification is an involved process for any organization, the extra time can help you get a jump on the competition. There’s a more compliant cloud out there. The legacy cloud environments that many DoD contractors have been using may not be compliant with DFARS 252.204-7012. Our recommendation for those seeking CMMC is to migrate to a Microsoft GCC High cloud environment, minimizing future risks around CUI security compliance. For additional details and a migration solution, contact DTS.

About DTS

DTS is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business, founded in 2011, delivering cyber, consulting, and management services – for exceptional results. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, DTS employs talented individuals with a passion for excellence and surrounds them with the resources they need to excel. For more than a decade, we have helped public sector and commercial clients respond to changing environments and daunting challenges by clarifying pathways, applying expertise, and managing implementation. To learn more about DTS contact us at or (571) 403-1841. Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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