Grab Your Backpack: DTS has launched CyberSchool

Recognizing the need for affordable cybersecurity resources for small business federal contractors, DTS has established CyberSchool. DTS CyberSchool includes expert-developed courses, learning modules, and testing solutions to help companies meet their cybersecurity requirements and embed a culture of security.

The very first Cyber Track course being offered is timely―it helps contractors fulfill their pre-award C-SCRM requirements for OASIS+ by helping them write an evidence-based cybersecurity plan. The online course Cyber Track: Basic explains the 15 FAR security requirements and 17 minimum security controls required for CMMC Level 1, examples on how each one could be met, and how to document that compliance for the OASIS+ response.

Developed by DTS SMEs with years of experience in advanced cybersecurity and online training, the course features plain language explanations and easy-to-follow instructions to help contractors complete their plan in as little as two weekends (approximately 20 hours of work). CyberTrack: Basic is self-paced and modular, with lessons and step-by-step “homework” guiding the development of the cybersecurity plan.

Coming Soon to DTS CyberSchool:

Foundations, fast and easy learning modules for key concepts, giving contractors a better understanding of how security works, what regulations require, and how to meet controls.

PopQuiz, ongoing cybersecurity training and maintenance solution to keep users current on the latest threats and help companies improve their secure cyber posture.

All DTS CyberSchool offering are priced well below the cost of consultation services or cybersecurity packages in an effort to allow contractors to take a more active role in their own cybersecurity. Should CyberSchool students find that they need assistance with more sophisticated remediation or advanced cybersecurity practices, DTS experts are available for:

  • Security Reviews and Assessments
  • Compliance
  • Remediation
  • CUI Solutions
  • CMMC Solutions
  • Documentation
  • Migration Services
  • Managed Services
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Fractional CIO and CISO
  • Licenses and Partnerships

To register for Cyber Track: Basic or learn more about DTS CyberSchool offering, visit

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