Last Year’s Strategic Plans Likely Won’t Work In 2024

As the last quarter of the fiscal year draws near, you’ll be in the unique position to look back at the current year’s goals and plans and look forward to next year. Traditionally, companies have fun as they hustle to wrap up spending, reward top performers and create strategic plans and a budget. However, this […]

Grab Your Backpack: DTS has launched CyberSchool

Recognizing the need for affordable cybersecurity resources for small business federal contractors, DTS has established CyberSchool. DTS CyberSchool includes expert-developed courses, learning modules, and testing solutions to help companies meet their cybersecurity requirements and embed a culture of security. The very first Cyber Track course being offered is timely―it helps contractors fulfill their pre-award C-SCRM […]

eBook: The Real Business on Cybersecurity

Every business has a need to protect information, customers, and computer systems. But every business has approached cybersecurity differently―and those stalling or lagging behind remain at risk. Protect your Information. To guide business leaders in their efforts―no matter where they may be on the cybersecurity lifecycle―DTS experts have put together a guide about compliance and […]

Instead Of Canceling Remote Work, Evolve How You Manage Your Workforce

You might have read that remote work is dead. A report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a major drop in the number of companies allowing employees to telework. However, observational data suggests that remote work is alive and well, but it is being challenged by leaders whose on-the-job experience is based on […]

Security For The Small Business: Cybersecurity Training Best Practices

People are a problem in cybersecurity and amplified in small businesses. Fixing that problem is more of an art than a science, as different techniques work for different companies. How do you prepare your employees to be the first line of defense against cybersecurity attacks? Using best practices from across public and private sector organizations. The […]

DTS Cybersecurity Experts Launch CyberSchool

DTS Cybersecurity Experts Launch CyberSchool and Online Course to Guide Small Businesses Through Creating a Cybersecurity Plan ARLINGTON, Va.— July 11, 2023—Known for its educational approach to cybersecurity, DTS experts introduced DTS CyberSchool, an online educational offering that includes courses, learning modules, and a cybersecurity awareness training solution that allows small businesses to meet basic […]

Three Things To Do Before Hiring A Cybersecurity Company

We’re a nation of sleepless business owners—up late worrying about the many aspects of business that we can’t control. The top of this list might include things like the threat of a cyberattack, meeting compliance standards and the cost of adding cybersecurity to everyday operations. With the introduction of several security frameworks, you now have […]

5 Ways Businesses Can Have a Startup Mindset for Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is multifaceted. It’s not just technical controls and policies and procedures but culture too. That’s why companies that are founded with a startup mindset, a clear network architecture, and tough cybersecurity policies in place have an easier time of it than companies that have to add security to their legacy systems, established operations, and […]

4 tips to help you understand the DFARS cyber requirements

In a world of ABC acronyms, DFARS manages to make contractors shudder. The Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement clause 252.204-7012 (commonly referred to as DFARS 7012) was introduced to protect the confidentiality of the Defense Department’s controlled unclassified information (CUI)—a regulation that applies to DOD contractors that transmit, process, or store CUI on their information […]

15 Ways Leaders Can Balance Growth And Manage Risk Effectively

As a leader, your top priority is to drive growth and achieve your organization’s goals. However, pursuing growth opportunities also entails taking risks, which can lead to potential challenges and setbacks. Effective risk management is crucial for balancing growth with potential risks and ensuring the long-term success of your organization. To that end, 15 Forbes […]