The Best of DTS Issue 23: Investing in Your Workforce

Man on a conference call working from home

These days no employer can afford to lose a good employee. Not every person on the payroll is a superstar, but all play a real and necessary role in achieving your mission, from the BD team out in front to the admin and IT staff behind the scenes. That’s why this quarter, we’ve focused on […]

The Best of DTS Issue 20: Catalyst! Accelerating Innovation

Team collaboration

Using innovation on the job takes many forms. You might be a problem solver, a designer, a planner, or use new technology in your work. With so many ways to tap into innovation on-the-job, it’s a topic that deserves its own issue. In this edition of the Best of DTS, we share how to encourage […]

Successfully Delivering Acquisition Training to A Remote Workforce

Student using laptop having online class with teacher - Virtual Training

How do we successfully train intangible concepts and skills to the virtual workforce? Here are a few tips from DTS’ Jamie Repesh to help you overcome the virtual hurdle. Training professionals are challenged when the content is more of a learned art than a science. Solutions have mostly consisted of combining adult learning principles with […]

DTS Named to Elite NVTC 2021 Tech 100 Companies

NVTC Tech 100 Honoree

Honorees for Third Consecutive Year DTS, delivering quality management consulting and IT services to public and private sector organizations, is proud to announce that the company was named to the elite 2021 NVTC Tech 100, a roster of cutting-edge companies, executives, innovators, NextGen leaders, and rising stars who are driving tech innovation, leading economic growth, […]

The Best of DTS Issue 19: The New Landscape for Learning at Work

Business meeting from mixed locations

As kids head back to school this fall, we can all be inspired to learn something new. We have to! Hiring has gone from challenging to nearly impossible, placing an emphasis on learning programs that enrich and develop the skills of current employees. Our focus for this newsletter therefore is all about learning on the […]

No Change, No Gain: How To Avoid Being A Change-Averse Organization

Portrait of an indian man in a diverse team of creative millennial coworkers in a startup brainstorming strategies - Embracing Change

The expression “no pain, no gain” is one that is widely used and offers foundational wisdom that can help organizations prosper. In athletics, pain is the result of trying to improve. Often, it’s the immediate result of an intense regimen of practice, strengthening, drills or studying your opponents. If winning is important, you quickly learn […]

3 Ways to Increase the Impact of eLearning

Businesswoman using laptop in office - eLearning

eLearning can be inspirational — a reward in and of itself. It can also feel like drudgery. How can you strengthen engagement and ensure employees see it as a valuable investment of time? By using instructional design strategies to create training that is appealing, job-enhancing and approachable. Three strategies in particular naturally encourage and engage […]

Training vs Knowledge Sharing: What Does Your Workforce Need?

Group of business people - Training

Employee development is essential to growing your workforce’s skillsets and achieving your organizational goals. Employees in large organizations average more than 40 hours of training each year. Offering development opportunities improves retention and employees’ morale and job confidence – great for productivity. You’re also probably already aware of the many kinds of training that can […]

The Best of DTS Issue 11: Get Smart: Learning at work

transforming the way we learn, people at conference

What if your next day of training was in a lab with virtual reality goggles on? Or was condensed into a session that lasted just 15 minutes? Or was tailored to you uniquely? New trends are transforming learning by incorporating technology—with massively engaging results. In the past decade, the desire to build personal knowledge and […]

General Services Administration (GSA) Case Study

Making the grade for eLearning excellence Government contracting is complex. Just ask the experts at the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM). FEDSIM provides continuous high-touch, mission-centric program management and acquisition expertise across each contract’s life cycle, saving clients time and money.