A Long Look At Business Ethics

On one recent morning, a maintenance contract made me stop and examine business ethics. A competitor had advised potential customers that they would need three years of maintenance following a purchase. The customers, worried about meeting industry standards, were potentially none the wiser.

Navigating Project Management With A Hybrid Team

Calling business partner

Project management has forever been changed by COVID in both subtle and significant ways. In my world – government contracting – it previously would have been unimaginable to work anywhere but at the client’s site. Since the pandemic, change surrounds us. I hesitate to call it the ‘new normal’ because nothing is normal about our […]

The Best of DTS Issue 19: The New Landscape for Learning at Work

Business meeting from mixed locations

As kids head back to school this fall, we can all be inspired to learn something new. We have to! Hiring has gone from challenging to nearly impossible, placing an emphasis on learning programs that enrich and develop the skills of current employees. Our focus for this newsletter therefore is all about learning on the […]

Building a Resilient Workforce

Young asian businesswoman wearing face mask and going to work

Providing support for the federal government can create stress. For those who provide that support, their missions are complex. Adrenaline-fueled. Life or death. Not the stuff you’d talk about at a party, even if you could talk about it, which they can’t. Yet each morning they awake and tackle a new day. We know how […]

16 Ways To Preserve Company Culture In A Remote Environment

New reality - working from home with pets and kids

Setting and maintaining a company culture is important for any business. However, doing this in a remote work environment can pose unique challenges. Fortunately, there are some simple ways leaders of remote teams can develop and preserve a strong company culture. Not sure where to begin with your virtual team? Read on for expert advice […]

No Change, No Gain: How To Avoid Being A Change-Averse Organization

Portrait of an indian man in a diverse team of creative millennial coworkers in a startup brainstorming strategies

The expression “no pain, no gain” is one that is widely used and offers foundational wisdom that can help organizations prosper. In athletics, pain is the result of trying to improve. Often, it’s the immediate result of an intense regimen of practice, strengthening, drills or studying your opponents. If winning is important, you quickly learn […]