Finance Department Priorities for 2020

oracle-net-suite-webinar - Netsuite Brainyard

This webinar explores the key findings from NetSuite’s Brainyard Winter 2020 Outlook Survey. It discusses the priorities for finance teams, how they compare with business strategy and investment priorities for 2020, and the implications for your company. DTS’ Edward Tuorinsky was invited to share his expertise and address the survey’s biggest pain point—talent acquisition and […]

The Best of DTS Issue 12: Strategic Planning in the 20’s

Team brainstorming with sticky notes

In our uncertain world, the fundamentals are changing, the landscape is changing, our core technologies are changing. You are being challenged to use the capabilities you have, and build new ones, as you maintain or defend your place in the market. That requires being clear about what matters and how resources should be allocated. And […]

It’s Going to Take Artificial Intelligence to Put Humans Back in Healthcare

Doctor using AI

It’s Going to Take Artificial Intelligence to Put Humans Back in Healthcare The reality is that healthcare—for the 9.5 million covered by the U.S. Military Health Care System, as well as others with private insurance companies—is driven by a giant system of systems that require providers to spend hours on duplicative paperwork and coding—for billing, […]

The Best of DTS Issue 11: Get Smart: Learning at work

transforming the way we learn, people at conference

What if your next day of training was in a lab with virtual reality goggles on? Or was condensed into a session that lasted just 15 minutes? Or was tailored to you uniquely? New trends are transforming learning by incorporating technology—with massively engaging results. In the past decade, the desire to build personal knowledge and […]

The Best of DTS Issue 10: Digital Transformation: Revolution or Evolution?

digital transformation though evolution - Greater Washington region

Digital transformation is so pervasive that we see it in our everyday life. When we take an Uber instead of a taxi. Or order from Amazon instead of heading to the mall. Or ask questions of Alexa or Siri instead of cracking an encyclopedia. With eye-popping examples of reinvention making headlines, it’s tempting to think […]

The Best of DTS Issue 9: Inside IT

Woman in cyber security

Peek behind the curtains of the hottest department in the company IT has become an integral part of nearly all initiatives and a major source of innovation in business, yet it remains largely undervalued and unappreciated. In this issue, we go behind the scenes to discuss three key issues in IT for 2019: training, security […]

IT Training: A Plan for Success

Designing an IT training program is like buying ice cream for a Little League team. Everyone wants something different and they’re all hoping they don’t have to share.

The Best of DTS Issue 8: Strategic is Smart

Signs you need a strategic plan

I’d wager that the best business advice often ignored comes down to this, “You should write a strategic plan.” Stop procrastinating and just do it already! In this issue of the Best of DTS, you’ll find some practical tips to get you started. Overwhelmed by the thought of it? Call us and we’ll assess exactly […]

Strategic Planning 101: Creating A Roadmap For Your Organization


Mention ‘strategic planning’ and many people think ‘offsite retreat.’ While a day or two away from the office is a good time to focus on your strategic plan, the plan itself is a valuable guide year-round, encompassing every action, initiative and dollar spent.