Combining perspective with innovation and subject matter expertise, DTS creates powerfully effective solutions to client challenges. Our teams assess and answer specific questions, solve multi-faceted issues through technology, manage complex projects, and shape plans for the future – all with an unwavering commitment to client service.

Program Management:

For cost-savings and other efficiencies on large or complex program implementation, DTS provides policies, controls, oversight, and subject-matter expertise.


DTS teams create strategy that is both flexible and scalable to help drive long-term fiscal health, measurable results, and organizational evolution.


We support client missions through the thoughtful, approachable use of data science, automation, and other emerging technologies.

Digital Transformation:

Learn how our discovery and implementation process allocate the time, attention, and resources to make transformation successful.


Our teams excel at mapping business processes, identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, and designing and implementing appropriate technology solutions.

Human Capital: Managing personnel and human resources is so valuable to an organization’s performance and growth that it can’t risk being an afterthought.


Forward looking organizations understand the critical nature of maintaining a knowledge base and developing workforce talent through training. DTS helps.

Leadership Development:

Being poised for success in the small moments prepares leaders to prevail in the big ones too.


DTS helps your business feel comfortable with cybersecurity, and confident about compliance

Knowledge Management:

Aligning knowledge capture and processes for improved performance, innovation, competitive advantage and more.