The Best of DTS Issue 9: Inside IT

Peek behind the curtains of the hottest department in the company

IT has become an integral part of nearly all initiatives and a major source of innovation in business, yet it remains largely undervalued and unappreciated. In this issue, we go behind the scenes to discuss three key issues in IT for 2019: training, security and talent.

A lack of insight into IT, and the shortage of IT professionals in the US, spells trouble for organizations who don’t have a plan to get—and keep—good talent. At the same time, evolving security concerns require IT attention—and a smart workforce that does their part to reduce risk. Do you have an IT headache that won’t go away? Continue the conversation. Shoot me an email or give me a call.

Edward Tuorinsky
Managing Principal

Training is This Year’s Buzzword in IT

TrainingIt takes planning to design a training program that keeps your staff current. Our recent article in Channel Futures outlines the challenge of just keeping up in an industry that’s constantly and rapidly evolving. It’s not enough to green light an online course or a few days at a seminar—truly valuing your IT training means giving your staff both the time to keep learning and a personalized plan for growth.

In 2019, training is also a key differentiator between organizations competing for talent. Employees now weigh personal and professional development along with salary, savings, and health benefits when considering whether to stay or go. If you haven’t already, leverage your training as an incentive and add it to your benefits package.

If you value the role that IT plays in your success, then prioritize and plan for IT training. Read the full article at

Hold on to Your Assets! Cybersecurity Challenges (and Defenses) Continue to Evolve

Cyber Security graphic Cybersecurity threats have become more sophisticated, harder to detect, and more dangerous to organizations. The rise of mobile devices and remote logins means employees are on the hook for many security measures and often on the frontline of advanced phishing schemes. Even trusted vendors and open-source code are vulnerable to new attack efforts using AI and malware.

Fortunately, cybersecurity technology and the talent needed to defend against attacks is evolving too, using some of the same tricks and tools. The industry is advocating for invisible security, steps that push security updates out automatically instead of looking to employees who might not update passwords or lock devices.

Take a deeper dive into the security issues and defenses battling things out right now.

Competition for Cyber Talent

Woman in cyber security Your news feed has likely alerted you to the fact that there’s a supply and demand problem with IT talent in the US, particularly in government. It’s estimated that there’s half a million jobs open in cybersecurity alone, putting organizations at risk. Hiring top-tier talent in this hungry market requires out-of-the-box thinking. Here are a few of the ideas that have impressed us:

  • Offer scholarships for students still in college, or
  • Offer to pay off college debt for each year of service
  • Initiative academic partnerships by offering in-class speakers and internship opportunities so students get to know your company
  • Offer jobs before peak hiring seasons, like the fall before spring graduation
  • Broaden your search. Find people with some of the right qualifications (but maybe not all) and train or mentor them to become stars
  • Promote your culture. Beat out other organizations by developing a culture that’s welcoming to new hires, and offers policies, training, support and teamwork that keep employees happy
  • Break the rules. Offer part-time and flexible hours, and telework options to entice IT hires even if the rest of your workforce puts in 9-to-5 at the office

IT Budgets Go Green

IT Budgets Go Green

Veterans Go Further

Ed Tuorinsky was interviewed by the Veterans Business Administration for an upcoming campaign.


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