The Best of DTS Issue 7: People and Performance

Far too often organizations find themselves lowering expectations to match the performance of their workforce. “It would be a stretch.” “We’re over extended.” “We’d need an extra day in the week to make it happen.”

Instead, I challenge you to raise your performance to meet expectations – and do what is necessary to make it a reality. We’ve collected some ideas to inspire performance in this issue of the Best of DTS Newsletter. Your plan should empower your people and let their talent shine.

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Edward Tuorinsky
Managing Principal
David T. Scott & Associates, LLC

Want a Superior Workforce? Build it yourself!

superior workforce

Who doesn’t want a workforce that’s smarter, faster, more creative, more motivated and more efficient? For many managers a great workforce isn’t a team of super performers but rather a way of working together that engages employees and pushes them to be their best.

Creating a better workforce doesn’t happen by chance. A focus on high performance needs a framework that sets achievable expectations and supports employees to get there. Consider what is needed to:

  • Create a systematic hiring process and clearly define the desired outcomes of each person you hire.
  • Align employee goals with organizational goals so an organizational “win” is also a personal “win.”
  • Focus on performance with quarterly planning meetings to that keep goals, direction, and measurable results front and center. Think of managers as coaches, actively helping players to be their best, rather than supervisors who monitor progress.
  • Provide regular feedback.
  • Recognize accomplishments and contributions. Consider bonuses and incentives for milestones but also offer spontaneous rewards and thank employees for impactful work, great communication, or small successes.
  • Provide access to as much training and development as your workforce needs to meet their goals.
  • Know when to call it quits. End employee relationships that aren’t producing desired results.

Unlock the Power of Your People

people powerIt’s so easy to get caught up in results that we forget its people who are the powerful force behind them. If you truly want every person on your team to feel like they are contributing and vital, you need strategies that tap into individual potential. Read four strategies for people power now.

Welcome Aboard! You’re Going to Be Great.

welcome aboardOnboarding’s impact goes way beyond first day tours and HR training. A structured, thoughtful process can be key to cultural acclimation, early success and long-term retention yet two-thirds of organizations have no formal program. Here’s what you need to get it right.

The Workplace Has Changed

the evolution of the employee

It’s not just where we work, but HOW we work that has significantly changed in the last decade. What does that mean for our workforce? A new set of skills have become critical to organizational success. You might even call it evolution.

Hats off to Jacob Morgan and his The Future of Work: Attract New Talent, Build Better Leaders, and Create a Competitive Organization

DTS News

As of July 1, our own Edward Tuorinsky joins the Board of Directors for the National Veteran Small Business Coalition. The role gives DTS the opportunity to support and promote the veteran-owned business community. Read the full release.

DTS is now working with OAR, Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington County, Inc. OAR’s programs offer incarcerated individuals alternatives to sanctioned incarceration, such as community service, as well as instructional programs in an effort to break the costly cycle of recidivism. DTS is proud to contribute to our community in this way.


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