The Best of DTS Issue 3: Never Stop Learning

Albert Einstein famously said, “When you stop learning you start dying.” Indeed, there’s nothing that inspires new ideas and reactions like new knowledge. Do you remember when you first heard about Twitter? Or when you saw the Apple Watch? Absolutely game changing! We encourage you to keep your workplace just as inspiring, so this month we offer a few ways to do just that.

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Edward Tuorinsky
Managing Principal
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The Place for Knowledge is at Work: E-Learning in the Public Sector

Back-to-school season is the official end of summer. It’s the perfect time for kicking off a new chapter of learning. But once we’re out of the school cycle, when is the right time for learning? As you might expect, we seek knowledge right when we need it – when we’re facing a challenge, needing to use new a new system, or trying to master a skill. Fortunately, e-Learning is in-session, year-round.

With technology and a whole slew of experts-as-teachers, e-Learning delivers what public sector workforces need, “just-in-time.” Today’s e-Learning options are less costly and more feasible for offices looking to share best practices across different locations, or gain new topic-specific knowledge.

Here’s what you need to capitalize on e-Learning this year:
» Write eLearning into your 2018 plans and goals.
» Conduct workforce planning and training analysis to anticipate needs, prioritize, and identify the best eLearning options.
»  Identify learning liaisons and resources to aid implementation. This person – or group – will making e-Learning work, from booking the room for a training session, to getting the app to participate in online video chats.

Declare your own back-to-school season anytime with e-Learning options that are convenient and timely. Need the legwork done yesterday? Talk to DTS about our Learning Enhancement Solutions.» 

Brilliance Within
Your organization’s digital initiatives impact you

Every Federal employee can see the growing role of digital operations within government. What would your CIO want you to know about their job so you could help the organization be successful? Federal Times identified 3 things you can learn from your CIO that not only provide some insight into the challenges of the role, but also let you lend a helping hand.

Play to Learn
Your organization’s digital initiatives impact you

Who wouldn’t look forward to a day of playing games? It’s not a joke, but one of the new trends bringing engaging, rich experiences to online training. Campus Technology offers a glimpse into the future of online learning to discuss how simulations, games and holograms will soon be widespread tools for training, helping to maximize critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Recommended Reading

The Third Wave book

The Third Wave: An Entrepreneur’s Vision of the Future by Steve Case

Innovation isn’t a single great idea, it’s a practice. Tom Kelley, general manager of IDEO, the world’s leading design consultancy specializing in product development and innovation, opens the doors to the shop, and the mindset, behind their success. An entertaining read that may just put a few items on your To Do list.


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