The Best of DTS Issue 2: Future Focus

We’re driven to look ahead. In fact, we’re addicted to technology forecasts and predictions about our industry. In this email series of Best of DTS, we’ll give you a quick round up of the future-gazing trends everyone will be talking about this summer.

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18F: The Future of Government Digital Services

What does the GSA’s new initiative to improve digital innovation mean for you?

18F logoGSA launched a digital services delivery team dedicated to the implementation of innovative digital and web services within the Federal Government. Called 18F, for the GSA location at 18th and F Streets, the team of top industry professionals helps federal agencies build, buy, and share modern digital services to improve the user experience of government. 18F was launched in response to a growing need for guidance, as seen with the release and other challenges.

18F uses human-centered design, agile methodologies, and open source software to build world-class digital services for the American public. The group works directly with an organization’s users to understand the needs and explore the best use of technology.

18F represents a fundamental shift in federal agencies’ approach to user services. Whether you work directly with them, the principals of 18F—of respect, human-centered design, agile methodology and open technology—spell the future of government. Check out their open source guides for practices worthy of consideration and adoption.

Tweet this: A moment on social media has long-reaching impact

Federal employees are prohibited from engaging in political activity while on duty by the Hatch Act. The fine line between work and personal social media use however, coupled with the current political climate, means that even “liking” someone else’s post while at work can land you in hot water. Federal Times reviewed the issues surrounding social media. Here at DTS we recommend going a step further to encourage employees to read the U.S. Office of Special Counsel’s FAQs on the Hatch Act on the use of social media and email on the job.

Grab your crystal ball: Consider these predictions about government technology

No one knows the government like its own employees so we were delighted to stumble across 2020 predictions gathered by American City & Country’s readership, representing federal, state and local employees. A few of the gems we picked out indicate that by 2020…

» There will be more cooperation among governmental units
» Broader interest from the private sector in developing solutions for the government sector
» Passwords will give way to biometrics
» Social media use by citizens will grow exponentially, changing the expectations for mobile-friendly apps and web
» Credit card swipes will give way to smart device swipes

What do you think? Share your thoughts on these predictions or make ones of your own on the DTS LinkedIn page.

Data Points

24 If U.S. States were included, this many would rank in the Fortune 500

$3,000,000,000,000  Three trillion is the amount spent annually on IT by states and localities. The public sector has always been a massive consumer of technology and a major market for the companies serving them.



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