The Best of DTS Issue 1: Innovation Everywhere

This spring, innovation’s not just a buzz word, it’s a game-changer that can bring new value to your business model, your human capital, and even your workspace. In this email series which I’m labeling our Best of DTS, you’ll find inspiration and great thinking from our consultants and our industry.

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Edward Tuorinsky
Managing Principal
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Rethink “Best Practices”

It turns out that “best practice” guidelines aren’t the best thing for business or government. Today innovation is essential and stagnation spells demise. The rules for success—once a mainstay in consulting—aren’t even applicable in 2017. For organizations seeking a model, remember: One size does not fit all: What worked in one organization might not even make sense for you. The factors that ultimately lead to success are numerous and complex. Sometimes it’s just plain luck. Far better, study the lessons learned by other organizations and apply that knowledge to your own model. End the trend: Resist the urge to copy just because others jumped on the bandwagon. Top mobile phone manufacturers all make basically the same product, but a closer look reveals distinct differences. Staying focused on your audience and their needs should guide your decision to either copy what you admire or seek your own solution. Take a second look at anything labeled “best practice” and you may find that’s it’s really pretty “average.” Discuss your specific needs with DTS and find true innovation that accomplishes your goals.

What exactly does an “innovation-friendly” workspace look like?

The GSA’s Total Workplace initiative has started a conversation about the impact of an office’s physical space and layout on productivity and engagement. The initiative, of course, goes beyond new desks, encouraging organizations to develop well thought out, planned, and carefully executed strategy. 

Among the actual workspace recommendations: 

Open Floor Plans – No walls or desks, just tables for workstations and a wide, open floor plan to encourage innovation and collaboration. 

Telework –Teleworking helps to create an environment that is conducive to innovation, with employees collaborating through messaging, while allowing the flexibility that supports a well-rounded work life experience.

Shared Workspaces – Employees share a workstation and alternate days at the workstation and working via telework. The system cuts costs, reduces needed office space, and provides positive environmental benefits.

Culture sets the tone for innovation

The Total Workspace initiative is about more than desks vs. tables. At its core is the truth that an organization seeking innovation must first cultivate an environment for it. Among the elements that encourages collaboration, creativity, and productivity, an innovative workplace:

» Embraces diversity
» Encourages productivity
» Boosts employee
» Fosters collaboration
» Values people

Learn more about Strategic Planning with DTS, often the first step toward guiding an organization to put these ideals into practice.

Recommended Reading

The Art of Innovation

The Art of Innovation by Tom Kelly

Innovation isn’t a single great idea, it’s a practice. Tom Kelley, general manager of IDEO, the world's leading design consultancy specializing in product development and innovation, opens the doors to the shop, and the mindset, behind their success. An entertaining read that may just put a few items on your To Do list.

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