DTS Fish and Wildlife Case Study

Managing human capital in today’s data-driven world should be easier. That’s not the case for government agencies dealing with antiquated systems. For most organizations, getting ahead on the talent front means a significant investment in technology and process improvement.

DTS Defense Logistics Agency Case Study

Complying with federal mandates is a constant challenge for government agencies. Often, new mandates become the catalyst for system and process transformation. To comply with changing requirements and maximize investments in new technology, DTS often partners with agencies to ensure a smooth path forward. That was the case with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) when […]

General Services Administration (GSA) Case Study

Making the grade for eLearning excellence Government contracting is complex. Just ask the experts at the General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Systems Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM). FEDSIM provides continuous high-touch, mission-centric program management and acquisition expertise across each contract’s life cycle, saving clients time and money.