The Best of DTS Issue 16: Cybersecurity Compliance

Cybersecurity Compliance

Our vocabulary has grown this year. You might be thinking about super-spreader, social distancing, and asymptomatic, but for 300,000 contractors and subcontractors, the latest buzz words are more along the lines of Maturity Model, practices, and C3PAO. Cybersecurity compliance is dominating the sector’s headspace. In this issue, we’ll look at the business impacts of compliance […]

The Best of DTS Issue 15: Disruption! Embracing Change

Disruptive Technology Shifting the Government Landscape

If it seems like innovation is happening faster than ever before, that’s because it is. We’re not just seeing greater efficiency across multiple industries; we’re seeing complete disruption where new models replace the way we think and behave. Are you ready to respond? Can you handle change? In this issue, we explore some of the […]

5 Myths About CMMC

Cyber Security graphic

If the thought of the impending Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) leaves you feeling like there’s a shark in the water, you’re not alone. Many contractors in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) fear losing out on valuable contracts yet feel helplessly afloat.

Strategic Planning in a Pandemic


Your spring plans flew out the window mid-March and haven’t been back on track since. Isn’t that good reason to drop into a holding pattern and maintain the status quo for a few months? Surprisingly, the answer is no. Now is the right time to reassess your plans to adjust for current realities and hit […]

5 Pointers for Employee Retention in the New Normal

People power

The past few months have been marked by uncertainty and stress. Every organization has been challenged in some way. As agencies continue to be resilient and adjust operations, approaches and procedures, it’s critical to not forget about your employees. They are arguably the most valuable asset in weathering these challenges and achieving your mission. Essential […]

DTS Adds Two Strategic Hires to Support Company Growth


Announces Brian Sims as Director of Operations, Derek Kernus to support Business Development and IT Operations ARLINGTON, Va. – June 16, 2020 – DTS, delivering quality management consulting and IT services to public and private sector organizations, announced two new strategic hires to support continued growth. DTS welcomed Col Brian Sims, USAF Ret., as Director of Operations […]

The Best of DTS Issue 14: Let’s Talk: The Voice Issue

AI Takes Voice Tech to the Next Level

Singing in the shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. You never sound better than with the acoustics of tile and soap bubbles surrounding you. But did you know your voice is also the key to unlocking the year’s most innovative technology? In this issue, we explore Voice tech and how it’s being used for […]

DTS Recognized as Leader in Business and Government Contracting Community

Modern team meeting

Named a finalist in SECAF’s Government Contractor of the Year,  Arlington Best Business Awards ARLINGTON, Va. – May 19, 2020 – DTS, delivering quality management consulting and IT services to public and private sector organizations, is proud to announce that it was named a finalist in the 12th annual SECAF Government Contractor of the Year […]