DTS Celebrates Another Year of Growth, Receives Prestigious Industry Recognition

New hires, a joint venture, and continuing support on leading contracts  ARLINGTON, Va.— February 8, 2023—DTS, delivering cyber, consulting, and management services, defined 2022 with another year of strong company growth, increasing the company size and receiving prestigious industry recognition. In addition to renewing key government contracts and achieving remarkable success in its cybersecurity compliance […]

The Hybrid Honeymoon Is Over: How To Prepare Your Business For The Next Phase

Serious handsome man working late from his home office

Like many of you, my team has been working remotely in some capacity for nearly two years. But the honeymoon is over. Across many industries, we’ve seen that hybrid models work. Indeed, it’s a wonderful way to give your workforce the flexibility that many people need and want. Because the pandemic caused such widespread disruption, […]

Navigating Project Management With A Hybrid Team

Calling business partner - project management

Project management has forever been changed by COVID in both subtle and significant ways. In my world – government contracting – it previously would have been unimaginable to work anywhere but at the client’s site. Since the pandemic, change surrounds us. I hesitate to call it the ‘new normal’ because nothing is normal about our […]

Successfully Delivering Acquisition Training to A Remote Workforce

Student using laptop having online class with teacher - Virtual Training

How do we successfully train intangible concepts and skills to the virtual workforce? Here are a few tips from DTS’ Jamie Repesh to help you overcome the virtual hurdle. Training professionals are challenged when the content is more of a learned art than a science. Solutions have mostly consisted of combining adult learning principles with […]

DTS Named to Elite NVTC 2021 Tech 100 Companies

NVTC Tech 100 Honoree

Honorees for Third Consecutive Year DTS, delivering quality management consulting and IT services to public and private sector organizations, is proud to announce that the company was named to the elite 2021 NVTC Tech 100, a roster of cutting-edge companies, executives, innovators, NextGen leaders, and rising stars who are driving tech innovation, leading economic growth, […]

Do It! Four Leadership Moves For Cybersecurity Success

Increasing her efforts to maximise her success -Cybersecurity Change

Keeping up with cybersecurity standards can mean updating systems, procedures and even long-established policies. All can result in employees chafing against the new normal. Fortunately, as leaders, we have a toolbox of skills that contains the solution. I think it’s important for all leaders to recognize that any operational shifts — even those as small […]

15 Ways To Empower Your Employees

ladies in work place -Empowering Teams

Managers are increasingly opting for a leadership style that empowers employees. Rather than just delegating tasks, they encourage their teams to be more independent in the workplace. Some benefits of this leadership style include increased growth, creativity, trust and overall satisfaction amongst employees. But how exactly can managers reap these benefits and empower their employees […]

Compliance Score Alone Won’t Keep Your Company Safe From Data Breaches

Cyber Attack Security - Perimeter 81

You’ve been diligent about cyber protocols. No attacks or breaches. No uh-oh moments with employees. You’re feeling cautiously optimistic and ahead of the curve. But this is no time to relax. While thousands of U.S. companies will meet the standards set by NIST and CMMC in response to an Executive Order to improve the nation’s […]

Why Your Company’s Compliance Score Is Your New Credit Score

Businesswoman on blurred background rating with hand drawn stars - Building Trust

Who can you trust these days? If you’re about to jump into an agreement with another company, you want to hear the good — and the bad. Pulling a credit report might start the process, as this can help verify basic facts about the company and provide a credit summary and financial history. Is that […]