Strategic Planning in a Pandemic Your plans flew out the window last spring and haven’t been back on track since. Learn how to set yourself on a new path. READ MORE DTS helps clients respond to daunting challenges with meaningful change. DTS team Achieving your mission means focusing resources in more intelligent, effective ways.
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DTS teams clarify options, develop strategy, manage implementation… and deliver results. Changing the way
business is done.

DTS helps clients respond to daunting challenges by clarifying options, developing strategy, managing implementation… and delivering impactful results.

Leadership gets an A+ (for adaptability)

How can managers and other leaders help their people thrive in an environment of constant tech change?


What Every Nonprofit Needs
to Know About Technology

The right technology can help you save money on operations, take advantage of your data, and boost security.


Are We Still Calling Them 
Soft Skills? The Real Value 
of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence can be developed and grown—with results showing up on the job and off.



DTS helped the Defense Logistics Agency transform a mandate requiring new policies and technology into an opportunity to streamline their payment process.


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