Strategic Planning/Implementation

Core Competency

Organizations that want to succeed must periodically evaluate and re-evaluate their strategic direction, goals and objectives. While it is a relatively standardized process, many organizations find it much more effective to draw on the expertise of outside consultants to help elicit, organize and present their thoughts — and to help implement them throughout the organization. DTS consultants have guided many organizations through the strategic planning and implementation process. We can assist you with your implementation efforts, setting your organization up for a successful future.

Past Experience

At the Natural Resources Conservation Service, DTS developed the strategic plan and concept of operations for the Office of the Chief Information Officer. We followed the standard strategic planning model, working with leadership and stakeholders at all levels. The full planning and implementation process included program plans, investment planning and performance metrics. Finally, DTS developed strategic communications and change management plans to share and gain buy-in for the plan with all stakeholders and to integrate some of the organizational and operational shifts needed to implement the strategy with those who are most affected by them.


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