Program Planning and Oversight

Core Competencies

Some programs are too large or too visible to fail. For those programs where failure or underperformance are not options, finding the right team to ensure proper scheduling, budgeting, resources and oversight is imperative to success. DTS has the best professionals to help you guide your programs and organization to successful execution. All of DTS program planners and program managers are certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs) with extensive program management experience. What’s more, our PMPs are backed by the experience of our highly qualified executives.

Past Experience

DTS principals worked with the Department of Defense at the inception of the Office of Telehealth and Technology (T2). We provided program planning and oversight for, a website designed for early diagnosis and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. We worked with government subject matter experts, technical experts and several other contractors to plan the program’s goals, content and the phases for a 10-year development cycle. Additionally, we assisted T2 leadership in designing and setting up the T2 office and mission, prioritizing different program needs and ideas.


Edward TuorinskyManaging Principal
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