Learning Enhancement Solutions

The U.S. workforce is currently undergoing a major shift, with the largest-ever outflow of retiring workers and the corresponding greatest influx of new workers. This dramatic shift, coupled with the reality of shrinking budgets across almost every industry, makes it more critical than ever for organizations to seek effective and efficient training.  

DTS’ training and learning enhancement solutions go far beyond developing and presenting materials.  Our associates can guide your organization through a full needs evaluation, planning, curriculum and materials development, and presentation lifecycle that makes up the entire learning enhancement process. We specialize in providing full-service training enhancement using traditional and highly interactive methodologies — as well as our own patent-pending GPS Learning solution. Coupling our abilities with our relationships with superior eLearning and materials developers, we are able to offer clients new perspectives and the ability to meet critical workplace requirements. 


  • Understand your knowledge gaps and plan for your workforce training needs
  • Develop high-quality instruction with the desired level of interactivity
  • Fulfill the training needs of large, geographically diverse populations at an efficient cost
  • Ensure the retention and regular use of learned skills