Corporate Social Responsibility

DTS - Changing the Way Business is Done Through Social and Environmental Initiatives

An important part of “changing the way business is done” is creating an organization that every employee can feel proud to be a part of. DTS was founded with the goal of being a socially and environmentally responsible company. In addition to executing our projects and bids in a manner that shows respect to our customers, employees and the consulting profession in general, DTS believes that we should do our part to give back to the communities that give so much to us.  


Social Initiatives

DTS is committed to bettering the communities in which we live and work. On a corporate level, we foster social responsibility through such initiatives as:

  • Providing two annual paid days off for all employees to engage in approved volunteer activities
  • Participating in corporate-sponsored programs that support veterans and other charitable and community events
  • Sponsoring several youth and adult community activities


Environmental Initiatives

DTS knows that it’s best to build a green company from the ground up. We have adhered to several environmental initiatives since our founding:

  • We encourage and promote telecommuting, cloud computing and “soft” communication to reduce the use of paper and other natural resources
  • We engage in limited travel and use video teleconferencing to reduce emissions
  • We donate to environmental charities to offset any necessary travel


Charitable Affiliations

DTS supports several charitable organizations. We have relationships with — and are actively involved in — organizations that include:

  • Wounded Warrior Project, which provides unique, direct programs and services that aid injured service members 
  • World Wildlife Fund‎ (WWF), a nonprofit that is one of the world’s leading conservation organization. WWF's unique way of working combines global reach with a foundation in science, involves action at every level from local to global, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature


DTS Community Service Spotlight

DTS knows that lending time and expertise can often be the most valuable gift you can give an organization.   

To this end, DTS is proud to provide business and structural guidance to small, new hopeful nonprofit organizations. Our employees have assisted the organizers of several Washington, DC-area arts and athletic organizations with their mission and vision, organizational structure, governance and non-legal policy guidance. Additionally, we have guided startup nonprofits through the state incorporation and IRS’ 501(c)(3) application processes.