Business Sectors


The defense industry is unlike any other industry in the world. Most work happens on a grander scale. Many functions and programs are highly specialized and are not used in any other sector or industry. What’s more, large-scale business functions, particularly as they pertain to complicated, multi-faceted projects and institutions, require greater controls and business processes.

The remarkably complex nature of the defense industry makes it more crucial than ever to have a program partner that understands your industry, its mission, requirements and unique culture. A trusted government partner, DTS has considerable experience working in the defense sector, both as members of the military and as contractors. Our team members have a strong track record supporting projects across DoD in areas that include:

  • Training
  • Acquisitions and Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Logistics
  • Governance and Oversight 

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Federal Civilian

The federal civilian sector is vast, containing hundreds of different agencies and organizations with completely different missions, cultures and processes. While many business functions are customized to meet an agency’s specific needs, all rely on similar skillsets and processes.  

Through our hands-on client experience, DTS has a deep understanding of the many similarities—and unique differences — that exist among federal agencies. Our staff has supported a wide spectrum of organizations across the federal government with mission areas ranging from healthcare to research to the environment. Let our seasoned subject matter experts help solve your agency’s challenges and drive meaningful change.  

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As the population ages, the healthcare industry is growing exponentially, with advances being made at a rapid rate. At the same time, the healthcare sector is undergoing dramatic changes due to the Affordable Care Act. This has broad-reaching implications for government and private industry, both of which require greater governance, business process changes and training to facilitate and manage change occurring in the industry. 

DTS’ professionals have experience in all facets of project management, business process reengineering, strategic planning and e-learning programs, both as external contractors and internal employees of defense, civilian and private-sector healthcare organizations. Our associates have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare and mental health industries, having worked closely with medical and mental health professionals to develop and provide training.

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Finance and Banking

The financial sector is an intricate and often-complicated industry with many moving parts. Understanding the intricacies of finance — and how they impact your bottom line — is paramount to an organization’s success, regardless of its industry or mission. The DTS team has a solid background in many areas of finance and can offer you insight in such areas as: 


  • Financial systems and process implementation
  • Loss mitigation programs
  • Banking
  • Cost and budget analysis
  • Source selection